The Islamic Veil - Page 8

If we look at those so called free societies today we will not find any trace of morality let alone spirituality. We will only see dissolution and depravity. A society will all the ills one can imagine. Broken marriages, illegitimate children, intentional abortions and unfaithfulness between married and even unmarried partners are only a few products of these societies. The easy availability of women for the pleasure of men has resulted in them being no longer desired by men and therefore we see more social evils like child abuse, homosexuality, drug addiction and crimes of rape and even murder for the sake of excitement.

It can be seen clearly that the first to suffer from these social ailments are the women themselves who bear the greatest responsibility for this to happen.

This is what the Holy Quran warned them fourteen centuries ago. This is why God has put on women more responsibility than men in this respect, as they were the ones who will suffer more by disregarding these teachings of Islam.

The Islamic veil is not a disgrace or a hindrance for a woman in any way. On the contrary, it honours her and frees her from the obstacles that prevent her moral and spiritual advancement and thus it is the means of her deliverance from the sufferings and ills that she faces in modern day societies. In reality it embodies the Mercy of God on women.

If women in the world today can understand the real implication of the true teachings of Islam regarding the veil and if they know the benefits they can gain and the high stations they can attain by following these teachings, they will soon be wanting their freedom from their ill societies and they will be fighting for their rights to adopt the Veil, where they secure their true freedom and where they can find real peace and tranquillity, and where their honour and dignity lies. Only then, will they enjoy the real bliss of being encompassed by Divine Protection and the Mercy of their Creator.

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