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Donations for Lajna

Lajna Membership  
Lajna Ijtima  
Jalsa Salana  
Isha'at $5.00
Tehrik-e- Jadid pledged amount
Waqf-e- Jadid pledged amount
Zakat paid 2.5% annually of the value of wealth or savings not used for one full year

Donations for Nasirat

Nasirat Membership: $12:00
Nasirat Ijtema: $12:00

Zakat Calculator

Total Gold in Grams  
Cash Value of Gold
For Gold, the Nisab for Zakat is 7.5 Tola gold. So if someone has gold that is 7.5 tola or more then they have to pay Zakat on all the gold that they have.
Kindly note that for every $100/ worth of gold the Zakat will be $2.50. This will help you to see if your calculation for zakat is right.