Department of Tarbiyat Goals:

  1. All members of Lajna Imai’llah should read the Holy Qur’an daily with translation. All members should offer the five daily obligatory
  2. All members should listen to and learn from Hudhur’s (aba) weekly Friday Sermons.
  3. Efforts to improve the standard of purdah in Lajna members should be continued.
  4. Higher level of morals and virtues should be inculcated in Lajna Imai’llah Canada.
  5. Atleast half of all Lajna members should participate in the blessed scheme of Wasiyyat.

Tarbiyat Syllabus:

Semester1 | Urdu Translation

Tarbiyat Resources:

Purdah Discussion            Dare to be You!            
 Salaat Workshop
Islami Usool Ki Falāsifi  
Chastity in Quran Marriage 101
 Salat & Fiqhi Masail Presentation
Al Wasiyyat Presentation
Purdah Marriage  Etiquettes of Ijlaas                    
Wasiyyat Form
Proms & Social Functions Time Management
  Conditions of Bai'at
Guardian of Our Identity      
Purdah Q&A      


Media Resources:

Real Talk  
      Faith Matters  Fiqahi Masail (Jurisprudence)

Relevant Reading:

  1. Conditions of Bai'at and Responsiblities of an Ahmadi EnglishUrdu
  2. The Will English Urdu
  3. Way of the SeekersEnglish 
  4. Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam English  
  5. Daughters of Eve English

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